Getting or changing child and spousal support

Working through support issues after a family separation or divorce can be challenging if you and your former spouse or partner don’t live in the same province, territory or country. An interjurisdictional support order application process may be available to help you get or change a child and/or spousal support order.

Making an application

If you live in B.C., you can apply for a support order or apply to change an existing support order in the place where the other party lives without having to go there. It works the other way around too. If you live outside of B.C., you can apply for an order in B.C. without having to come here.

This process may be available if you and the other party live in jurisdictions that have a formal arrangement regarding support matters. B.C. has formal arrangements with all Canadian provinces and territories, the United States and several foreign countries under:

Find all the jurisdictions that B.C. can work together with here

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